NOTE: We are sold out of this batch. We'll let you know when the new postcards are available to order. Thank you for your enthusiasm and eagerness to help with voter outreach. We really appreciate it!!

Thank you for handwriting postcards for Turn PA Blue! We're writing Pennsylvania Democrats in targeted districts urging them to vote by mail.

Each postcard kit contains:

50 pre-addressed postcards to voters.

script and instructions

All you need to do is hand-write the script, put on a stamp, and place them in the mail!  
Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

DEADLINE: Please complete and mail your postcards to voters within 10 days of receipt

You will need to provide your own postage for these postcards
 (36-cent postcard stamps). You can purchase postcard stamps from the US Postal Service.  Thank you for your contribution to this project! (Note: Postage may be increasing in late August.)